Aug 2017 Self update

Hi, I am small in stature but big in enthusiasm for finding creative and fun things to do in life …

By profession I live and breathe Interior Design, but when I’m not doing that I am normally behind a camera / Iphone capturing what is around me (I also seem to spend a lot of time filing the thousands of photos I end up with on my laptop / phone).

Over the years I have donated a large number of my images to different charities. One charity I’m particularly fortunate to be involved with is Thembalitsha, a charity based in South Africa which assists those in need by getting them to the point of self-reliance through the provision of healthcare, training and education services. Thembalitsha currently runs seven programmes across the Western Cape. It is my aim to capture all their great work and give the images to the charity for free, so they can spend raised funds on those in need rather than on marketing. As well as their daily work to help those in great need, annually Thembalitsha hosts a HOPE music festival to raise awareness of AIDS / HIV and TB, of which is a battle for many seeking help. In 2013 Thembalitsha and Paul Cluver Wines developed a partnership enabling Thembalitsha to continue their fun raising and awareness throughout the summer by hosting concerts / events at the Paul Cluver Amphitheatre, now branded Hope@PaulCluver. So not only do I get to have great photography experience but I get to develop my music knowledge too! See my links page to find out more of what's happening ...

In addition to life and charity photographs, I also provide a photography service for small businesses that are wanting images for websites or marketing materials without draining their start-up budget.

It’s quite difficult to say I’m working when I am because I love what I do that much !

So please enjoy looking through my website which hosts a small selection of images I’ve taken of the wonderful world around us.

Best wishes